Shri Hari Marketing

July 2023

212)Tranquil Dawn™

Where did that year go? It’s colour of the year time once more and Dulux to nowadays declared its 2020 colour as Serene Day break – a calm and alleviating green. Propelled this morning, it’s not a astonish to us that they’ve gone for a colour that makes calm and serenity – we beyond any doubt require it with everything going on within the World at the moment! So what do you think? We like it. Greens and …

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211)Presenting Coco & Wolf

Each domestic has room for a Freedom print. Prints that make you grin and feel upbeat interior, quintessentially English, plush delicate cotton to cocoon you into a happy sleep, moan. On the off chance that you share the adore of blending designs and colours on your bedding, at that point Coco and Wolf are aiming to be the ones for you. Styling Emily Rickard The dazzling ditsy prints are the thing of dreams. They take me back to days of gazing out of the …

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206)Ideas to Help Generate Your Bedroom More Sustainable  

Acquisition the Right Mattress  The mattress you choose for your bed is crucial, not just to ensure you have a restful night’s sleep but also for the environment. A mattress made from sustainable material, such as ethically sourced bamboo, is excellent for the environment and the people involved in the manufacturing process. The bamboo hybrid mattress …

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205)How to Use Mural Wallpaper for Instant Wellbeing At Home

Mural wallpaper is a quick, easy and impactful way to bring nature into your home and to capitalise on all the wellbeing benefits that come from inviting nature indoors. As humans, we have an  inborn biological need to feel connected to nature. We know that biophilia in design has distinctive benefits for our physical wellbeing …

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Today, instead of having a poke around other people’s properties, we’re going to have a look around mine! I hope that’s all right. The Mad House has had a new set of professional photos done and is being featured on where you can read an interview with yours truly and, if you can be …