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16)Get Festive Ready With These Living Room Diwali Decor Ideas

Diwali decoration ideas for living room

Let your living room take the spotlight this festive season! Check out our top 6 Diwali decoration ideas for inspiration to deck up your home for the festivities.

Diwali is a major Indian holiday that is celebrated with sweets, fireworks, and family gatherings. This festival is a time when people come together to celebrate Dhanteras, Laxmi Poojan, and Bhai Dooj, and it is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy a grand party. If you are hosting a Diwali celebration at home or helping someone else prepare for a party, this list of Diwali decoration ideas for the living room can be useful. These ideas will help you transform your living room into a festive space and make it the social hub of your house. Here are some excellent ways to add Diwali home decorations to your living room.

Light Up Your Home With These Diwali Decoration Ideas For The Living Room

Illuminate your living room entrance with lace lanterns, floor lamps, string lights, and diyas for a graceful and festive look. Make sure not to overcrowd the space with too many lights, as this can create a cluttered appearance. You can also add to the overall aesthetic with floral marigold garlands, rose petals, and loosely arranged flowers. The color scheme for this living room during Diwali looks beautiful, doesn’t it?

Use different types of lighting in your living room


Bring In The Flower Power For Your Living Room Diwali Decor

The simplicity of minimalism can also be captivatingly beautiful. This living room entrance is made festive and inviting with a floral rangoli design on the floor, flowing yellow curtain drapes, and soft lighting scattered throughout the space. The wooden divider and furniture work together to enhance the overall design aesthetics of the room. The combination of these elements creates a striking and graceful atmosphere.

Greet guests with a beautiful rangoli design

Eco-Friendly Diwali Decoration Ideas For Your Living Room

If you prioritize environmentally-friendly practices, then consider using this approach to decorate your living room or drawing room for Diwali. You can create paper diyas and hang them on string lights to create a beautiful and festive wall decoration. Alternatively, you can use battery-operated diya-style lights to mark the corners of your room. A traditional wall painting can also instantly elevate the living room. And don’t forget to add some brightly colored cushions, which can remind you of delicious Diwali sweets.

Paper diyas make for eco-friendly festive decor



A Life-Size Mandala Wallpaper Design For Festive Living Room Walls

If you have the time to prepare your house for Diwali, consider creating an accent wall by painting a Mandala pattern on one of the walls in your living room. Alternatively, you could use a life-size Mandala wallpaper. Mandalas, also known as “magic circles,” are often used as a symbolic decoration during Diwali to represent a connection between the body, mind, and soul, and a period of powerful existence. The Mandala pattern will stand out against the brown wall color and complement the existing living room decor. If you want a temporary decorating solution, you could also try using vinyl wall art.

A festive living room with a Mandala wall pattern

Diwali Decoration Ideas For The Living Room That Combine Simplicity With Auspiciousness

You can add a sense of liveliness and movement to your living room with elements that bring a breath of fresh air, such as an indoor plant or a brass or copper bowl filled with floating candles and tea lights. Copper and brass, which are precious metals, are often used during Diwali to please the gods and ask for their blessings. The natural sunlight coming through the window and the patterned carpet also help to elevate the decor of this living room.

A decorative copper bowl with festive candles

A Creative Interplay Of Textures And Colours For The Living Area

You can establish a festive atmosphere in your living room by adding yellow and orange marigold streamers. This is a welcoming way to greet guests and make them feel at home. The soft glow of the lights and a woven wall art piece create a beautiful ambiance, while the colorful sofa set adds a splash of color.

Marigold flowers are traditional Diwali decor


In summary, use these Diwali decorating ideas to give your living room the upgrade it deserves. Remember to personalize the decorations to reflect your own style and make the space welcoming for your guests. The DesignCafe team wishes you a safe, happy, and enjoyable Diwali!

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