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179)5 Tips For Monsoon Home Maintenance You Need To Know

As the mighty clouds roll in, accompanied by thunderous rumbles and striking lightning, we are reminded of the approaching monsoon season. However, in order to truly enjoy the rain, it is crucial to prepare the indoors for the monsoon. This includes ensuring proper home maintenance, as the increased humidity and reduced sunlight can have an impact on the condition of the home.

But there’s no need to worry! The KariGhars, a top interior design firm in Bangalore, are here to provide helpful tips for maintaining your home during the monsoon season.

Fix those pesky cracks and leaks

Making your home leak-proof is an essential step when it comes to preparing your home for the monsoon season. Before the rainy season sets in, check for any leaks or cracks on walls and floors, and fix them while the weather is still dry. Inspect external walls thoroughly and repair any damage with fillers and adhesives. To keep the rain out, ensure that ceilings and terraces are properly sealed with multiple layers of waterproof paint. Additionally, pay attention to wallpapered walls, and if you notice any signs of swelling or shrinking, remove the wallpaper and repair the wall to ensure that your home is fully protected during the monsoon.

Care for Wooden units

Caring for wooden elements within your home is an important concern during the monsoon season. Wooden doors, windows, furniture, flooring, and accent walls can all be affected by the weathering effects of the monsoon. To protect these wooden elements, it is important to apply a generous coat of varnish well before the rainy season begins, to prevent swelling and warping. Furniture should also be protected with a layer of polish or lacquer, which provides weather protection while also giving the units a shiny finish. As for flooring, a wax sealant can be used to keep moisture at bay.

Protect your indoors from dampness

With reduced sunlight during the monsoon season, increased moisture inside the home can lead to bad odors and damage to walls, floors, and furniture. The foyer, as a transitional space between indoor and outdoor, is particularly susceptible to dampness and moisture. To prevent drips in the foyer, replace carpets or shaggy rugs with water-absorbent PVC mats or microfiber mats. Reposition indoor plants to avoid moisture. Additionally, remove heavy drapes from windows and replace them with sheer fabrics, which allow optimal light inside and brighten up the home.

Waterproof your great outdoors

One of the best parts of the monsoon season is enjoying the rain on balconies or patios with a cup of coffee and snacks, while listening to the sound of raindrops. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your outdoor areas are waterproof. Consider using outdoor furniture made of cane which is less likely to degrade in the rain. Additionally, it’s important to use anti-slip flooring materials or at least place anti-slip rugs or carpets on outdoor floors to prevent accidents. Another option is to install glass shutters, mesh screens, or sliding doors to enjoy the monsoon while keeping the rain out.

Proper ventilation inside the home

Above all these monsoon home maintenance tips, one of the most important and easiest ways to keep your home moisture-free during the monsoon season is to ensure proper ventilation. Keep your windows open to allow fresh air to circulate throughout the home. This helps prevent condensation and bad odors. Keep window screens clean to allow for optimal airflow. Avoid drying wet clothes or other items inside the home. Proper ventilation also helps prevent the spread of infections and diseases that are common during the monsoon season.

With these tips in mind, you can bid farewell to the summer heat and welcome the fresh and cool atmosphere of the monsoon season into your home. Follow the home maintenance suggestions provided by The KariGhars to ensure a safe, clean, and peaceful home during the rainy season.

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