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187). Weekend Reading 12.11.22

This morning I attended a local potter’s market hosted by the studio where I’m enrolled in classes. It was so festive and very inspiring to see table after table of creations of local ceramicists on display. Everyone has a different style and presented both functional and decorative objects. I’m so happy to have discovered this local community of creatives and I’m looking forward to continuing my education alongside these skilled artisans.  maybe a next year’s event I’ll have pieces to sell too!

Today I’m finishing up the holiday decorations in our living room here in California. My daughter comes home at the end of the week so it will be all ready for her after her cross country journey. I’m really looking forward to spending some time with her over the Christmas break.

Favorite links from the week:

Girls bedroom painted in Lick paint pink 03. Lick paint review.
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Overall I think that Lick paint does offer good value for money. It’s slightly more expensive than other high-street paint brands, but it’s not outrageous.


Lick’s customer service is excellent. I contacted customer service after I became concerned about the smell of the paint, and they replied promptly and offered me a full refund.


Because it uses mostly natural ingredients and has low VOC levels, Lick paint shouldn’t smell. However, if you use paint that has exceeded the use-by date, it will have a very strong chemical smell to it.


As with everything, Lick paint has its own pros and cons.


  • Nice colours to choose from
  • Easy sample ordering process
  • Peel and stick samples
  • Comes with a mixing stick
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Nice consistency
  • Lovely matte finish
  • Good customer service
  • Good coverag

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