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189)Use These Flair Hacks To Make A Small Kitchen Look Bigger

1. Use Open counter In The Kitchen

Open rack are not just trendy – they can really make a small kitchen look bigger.

They are great for storing usually used items like glasses – or take notes from luxury kitchens and use them to display all your pretty serving items.

2. Create A Focal point

You can immediately make a small kitchen feel bigger, simply by making a focal point when you walk into the room.

Choose one area to show off your personality with a cool range hood, a chalkboard feature wall, or bold island bar stools. Just be sure to keep the rest of the space more neutral so it doesn’t face with your focal point.

3. Make Cabinets & Walls The Same Color

Keeping your walls the same color as your cabinets can really help a small kitchen feel bigger.

Using the same hues keeps the visual space from getting get broken up, so it all feels more open and spacious!

4. Clear Your Kitchen Counters

One of the best organization tips for your kitchen is to keep the counters free of  confusion. Easier said than done though, right?

Try stashing away appliances in the cabinets and organizing your pantry to make sure your space always stays that way!

5. Add Pendant lighting

Bringing lighting in closer to your work spaces, (like right above an island) can help your kitchen feel even bigger and brighter! T

hey also draw the eye up which makes your ceiling feel higher!

6. Add French doors to the backyard

One of the best design tricks to make a small kitchen feel bigger, is by adding a pair of french doors.

The floor to ceiling windows will let in much more light, and make the space feel more spacious. Not to mention can really add some extra functionality when letting you out into the backyard!


7. Horizontal stacked backsplash

The same visual trick that makes you look bigger in a striped t-shirt, works wonders to make a small kitchen feel bigger.

Try Horizontal stacked backsplash, or striped tile flooring to make the space feel wider.

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