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192)A Beautiful Kitchen Design from Ceiling to Floor

The kitchen is the heart of the home, as we hear over and over again. Existing elegant coffered ceilings, whose difficult configuration reflected the room’s layout, added to the grandeur. “Make the kitchen gorgeous” was the assigned job for this renovation. So, as the designer, I was tasked with creating an updated and stylish space, which would have enough of room for storage and modern amenities. Oh, and with a reasonable price.


 The word that we commonly use to name that room in our homes where we prepare our meals is completely incorrect. “Kitchen” is a nice word; however, it falls far short of the use of that room. We should call it a “living” room.

After all, just think about the last time you had friends or family over. If your family is everyone collect in the kitchen. And the size of that meal-preparation room matters. It look everyone gets underfoot of the cook. Everybody must be near where the food is being prepared. It’s where the warmth emanates, and everyone always ends up in the kitchen. When you get right downto it, this is where the action is.  Am I right?


I want you to picture a checklist that’ll fulfill all the requirements for this renovation.So instead of using custom cabinetry, they opted for semi-custom. The most important – and often valuable – element in any kitchen is the quality of the cabinetry. Aspect Cabinetry showcasing quality materials and workmanship was the best way to go. They picked a raised panel door style in a soft white finish with latte glaze which sets a classic tone.

Soffits themselves are often described as big, bulky, and box-shaped structures that are built to hide all of the wiring and mechanical components between the cabinets and the ceiling. Luckily, the soffits were not structural, so we took them down. Even if Big boxes had been disguised to cover up the home’s mechanical and electronic parts, the clients  possibly would have agreed to take them down because the soffits made the kitchen look dated and feel claustrophobic.


To fill up the area where the soffits used to be, the homeowners choose double-stacked cabinets, putting shorter cabinets on top of the normal wall cabinets. Not to be selfish or anything, but some things are really just better when there’s two (or “double”) of them. Here are a few things that come to my mind when I think about doubles: cheeseburgers, espresso shots, and double stuff Oreo’s. I once traveled on a double decker bus from Toledo to Chicago—it was really cool. And what’s more miraculous than a rainbow? A double rainbow, that’s what! The stacked wall cabinets will allow for a display of pottery or dishes in their upper lighted glass sections. Speaking of lights, a dozen LED ceiling can lights were installed, as well as under wall cabinets and toe kick lighting.


Last but not least, Having a kitchen range hood is a necessity for today’s kitchens. We made their range area the focal point of the kitchen by installing a beautiful wood hood that matches the cabinets perfectly.

The new kitchen is quite beautiful with stacked cabinets with lighted glass uppers to emphasize the tall ceilings. It gives this kitchen added vertical, visual square footage, and a sense of luxury. The same Pompeii quartz that was used in the master ensuite — A Beautiful Ensuite — was installed in the kitchen.

The new kitchen displays beautiful stacked stone backsplashes behind the gas cooktop and other walls where water or cooking splatter could be an issue. Pompeii quartz “Valley Sand” matches perfectly with the stone tiles.

As you can see in the “after” photographs, the newly remodeled kitchen is fresh, airy and oh-so-beautiful. It’s hard to believe this updated galley kitchen is the same space! So, I want to offer a big “Thank You” and congratulate all the team members who were involved in this renovation. Their fine craftsmanship and attention to detail has raised the bar. Stone Art Creations: your work ethic is truly amazing; no wonder your company is the best at what you do. Pucci Tile & Marble: your work speaks volumes. It’s a testament to efficiency and dedication.  The completion of this project is truly commendable. 


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