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200)Using Wallpaper to Add Luxury to Your Home

If you’re keen to bring a touch of luxury into your home, why not try using wallpaper? Walls are the canvas of a room and help set the backdrop for a home interior, bringing together the other elements that you add to create a coherent look.

It’s not unusual to be intimidated by the idea of wallpapering, worrying that it will be tricky to put up straight or match the patterns. Yet many modern wallpapers are designed for ease of use and you could always hire a decorator to do the job if you’re not confident.

Wallpaper can transform the look of your walls, adding depth, colour, pattern and texture. Where once you had basic painted walls, wallpaper can help give your home a more luxurious, chic style. Keen to give it a go? Here are some ways that using wallpaper can add luxury to your home.

Add luxury by papering a single wall

Wallpaper doesn’t have to used on all of your walls. In fact, it could be harmful in making the room feel smaller or darker. Instead, try papering one single wall for a feature focus. Pick a wall in your living room, dining room, bedroom or even your hallway.

Create impact with colour

The colour of wallpaper you choose can add a feeling of luxury to your home. Light shades of wallpaper such as designs that are off-white, creamy white or beige are great for allowing natural light to refract, whilst darker shades can help create a dramatic feel. 

Add luxury to bathrooms

Bathrooms are the place where you are cut off from the world, even if it’s only for minutes. A bathroom might not seem like the place for wallpaper, yet specially designed bathroom wallpaper is available and can help add luxury or colour to the room. To help create the mood to unwind and relax,  choose wallpaper with textures such as sandstone, pebbles, marbles or terrazzo or add a pop of colour with bright florals. You could even go for a scenery style – imagine the feeling of having a shower whilst seemingly under a waterfall, deeply infused in nature. 

Choose the fabric of wallpaper wisely

Choose wallpaper that is easy to install and remove. There are a excess of options available for wallpaper that have a breathable and soft touch. Wallpaper that’s easy on the eyes, speaks luxury for themselves.

Be creative with wallpaper

Wallpaper looks really effective used to pretty up the sides of drawers

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Designer or customised wallpaper can do wonders to boost the aesthetic of the chosen space. From pale hues to blooming classic flower gardens, ocean sunsets, or vintage romanticism, any room in the house can be transformed into an artistic and creative masterpiece. The ceiling can also be used for a stunning under-the-sky look. Be creative with wallpaper by thinking outside the box – it doesn’t have to go on walls, why not create framed art with favourite wallpapers or even use it on your furniture? 

If you want to renovate your home and make it look luxurious, wallpaper is definitely an addition worth considering and it can work effectively in any area of your home. 

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