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215)Choosing LVP flooring for our cabin remodel.

LVP Flooring in a Cottage remodel

LVP flooring gives the see of excellent hardwood without the upkeep. LVP (Extravagance Vinyl Board) flooring is stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and waterproof! I feel like Christmas has arrived early! Redesigns have started on the Small Green Cabin. Woot! Woot! And the primary thing we begun with was the flooring. Choosing LVP flooring for our Cottage rebuild was a simple (and excellent) choice.

LVP Flooring for our Cottage 

We had a parcel to consider when choosing floors. This will be our family’s get-away bungalow and a rental when we aren’t utilizing it. The Cabin is inside strolling remove of Lake Michigan, which implies following in a parcel of sand and water. Our sweet Lily pup weighs 120+ lbs and runs around like a puppy. Additionally, we have NINE grandchildren beneath the age of six. That is correct, you perused that right. NINE littles that will be running around on these floors. We are exceptionally difficult on our floors. So, it is fundamental that we looked for flooring that was tough sufficient for this group but moreover wonderful- since I need this to be a beautiful small cottage.

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