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LaTanya's Chicago dining room, following a weekend head-to-toe home makeover! via Yellow Brick Home

Our kitchen redesign has been one of the foremost challenging and fun makeovers we’ve ever taken on! It begun delicately within the background at the best of the year, and after that it gradually steamrolled into a full blown operation by drop. Possibly I shouldn’t tell you, but definitely, right, of course I will – she’s formally total, and I photographed her from each point this week. Indeed the persistent ice chest entryway (seen within the to begin with photo, out of place when that pic was snapped) has been checked off our list. I’ll be sharing the uncover within the modern year! I’m glad of us for the year we’ve had. Lucy’s nursery advanced into a enormous kid unicorn room. (And we flexed each imaginative muscle we seem marshal to create an completely purple room work!) We changed the play room – which still changes close day by day! – and we made the make room work harder for us.

Lucy's purple unicorn-themed bedroom | via Yellow Brick Home

Behind the scenes, we made cold calls and come to out to charitable organizations, and after that the most excellent case situation happened; we joined up with Casey to total a end of the week makeover for the foremost meriting individual, Latanya! By distant, it was one of the foremost important encounters in our lifetime.

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