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260)An Evening Of Discussion With Motivating Ladies In Design

This year we revived the entryways to our Lovely London showroom, and to celebrate all its unused looks we chosen that it was as it were right to hold a extraordinary occasion. The point was to bring a gather of like-minded individuals together, by facilitating our to begin with board dialog with Sommer Pyne and Stacey Dyer, to conversation around all things; life, insides plan, parenthood and careers.

We had a really extraordinary visitor to have our board discourse, Rio Fredrika who sat with Sommer and Stacey to urge all the interior subtle elements. We found out how the creation of Sommers brainchild @housecurious, a excellent and interesting private space to have inventive occasions, came to life. While hearing approximately Staceys move from proficient MUA to insides influencer and how her travel in make-up propelled her career alter to interiors.

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