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Prameela Nair's Palakkad Home | Prameela's Palakkad home, replete with Athangundi Tiles and a lovely old-world charm

Prameela Nair may be a inhabitant of AbuDhabi, UAE (we have secured her UAE domestic visit here) but that did not halt her from mindfully collecting collectibles and vintage pieces over a few a long time. All these pieces found a domestic in her Palakkad domestic, packed with Athangundi Tiles and a dazzling old-world charm.

Prameela Nair's Palakkad Home | Prameela collected furniture, artefacts and Tanjore pieces which is absolutely rare fitted on a massive panel in her small living space

Prameela says, “I collected furniture and antiques for a long time with a companion who bargains with these things and after that dispatched them to Kerala from Pune.3D tanjore craftsmanship boards, parcels of brassware, urulis and show pieces….they can cruel nothing to numerous but when I see them, in my head on the off chance that I see a way to utilize it and as it were at that point I choose it up”

Prameela Nair's Palakkad Home | Brassware, urulis and display pieces at Prameela living space

I take off you with more pictures of her lovely space in Palakkad. Do check out her UAE domestic visit to studied more approximately her brightening style.

Prameela Nair's Palakkad Home | Athangundi Tiles with wooden furniture in the bedroom

Prameela Nair's Palakkad Home | Intricately designed athangundi tiles on flooring

Prameela Nair's Palakkad Home | The lovely gallery wall decor at Prameela dinning area

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