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325)6 Simple Pongal Rangoli Plans To Total The Happy See Of Your Home325)

Pongal rangoli designs for home

Liven up your home with some beautiful and simple Pongal rangoli designs to embrace the festivities

Pongal is one of the most important harvest festivals that is celebrated all over India with different names. Be it Makar Sankranti in Maharashtra, Bihu in Assam, Maghi in Punjab or Pongal in Tamil Nadu. Pongal is a thanksgiving festival during which we express our gratitude to the Sun, Mother Nature and farm animals for their help in giving us a bountiful harvest. During the multi-day festival, people clean their houses and decorate them with fresh flowers, lamps and sugarcane. The entire home is decorated with kolam (special Pongal rangoli designs made with rice flour) and a special sweet dish is prepared with newly harvested rice, milk and jaggery to commemorate the festival.

Kolam plays a critical portion in Pongal celebrations but it regularly needs a part of accuracy and hone to urge right. So, we bring you a few easy Pongal kolam rangoli plans that you just can attempt at your domestic this year. These simple rangoli plans for Pongal are special and require least exertion, however they are awesome for including a unpretentious conventional touch to your cutting edge domestic add. Examined along to know more.

1. Mattu Pongal Kolam Rangoli Plans For Your Pooja Room

Pongal is ordinarily a four-day celebration, in which the third day is called Mattu Pongal. It is given to the cattle (Mattu) to thank them for their difficult work in furrowing the areas and making a difference us have a wonderful gather. You’ll appear your appreciation in your possess extraordinary way by making a beautiful Mattu Pongal kolam rangoli plan. It’ll not as it were include to the conventional vibe of your pooja room decor but also offer assistance interface to our wealthy culture. You’ll be able include a few Thanjavur depictions to your living room divider and a few lights all around to light your home. This Pongal rangoli plan may be a typical way of appearing appreciation to Mother Nature and getting associated to our roots.

Mattu pongal kolam rangoli design for pooja room that will reconnect you to your mother nature

2. Pongal Kolam Rangoli Plans To Liven Up The Walls

Why confine Pongal rangoli plans to fair your floor once you can complement your living room with a wonderful kolam backdrop and make it the showstopper of your safe house. It may be a unique thought to implant this traditional decor into your entire room. Pick a kolam sticker on the off chance that you’re not beyond any doubt that you just can make such an complex portray on the divider. They are effortlessly accessible online and are incredibly helpful to stay on your dividers. It’ll right away hoist the see of your living room and bring within the Pongal merry vibe. You’ll be able utilize it in your pooja room or your living room as per your choice. Enhance your hall unit and coffee table with laurels and enlighten the divider sticker with pixie lights for a few add-on excellence. You’ll be able complement the space with a few colourful pads and window ornaments as well.

Pongal rangoli kolam wallpaper design on a living room wall brings the festive vibe

3. Interesting Kite-Themed Pongal Rangoli Plan For You

Combination topic may be a drift that will never go out of design, so we thought of including a combination subject to your Pongal stylistic layout thoughts as well. For all the youthful cutting edge couples, here is an cleverly and easy Pongal rangoli plan for your domestic. Take a kite-themed happy stylistic layout to include a few fun to your happy domestic stylistic layout. A kite-themed Pongal rangoli plan on the floor can be very a special thought for you. Combine it with a few kite divider hangings and coordinating lighting choices to fasten the see together. This in vogue thought is beyond any doubt to capture the eye of your visitors and make your Pongal stylistic layout thought the conversation of the town.

Kite-themed ponagl rangoli kolam design add unique flair to Pongal festive home decor in 2023

4. Flower Pongal Rangoli Plan For A Colourful Vibe

The entryway is the foremost vital space in your domestic, particularly amid celebrations. It sets the tone of your domestic and a correct entryway brings gigantic inspiration to your space. So select a few Pongal rangoli plans with dabs to implant the realness of this favorable Tamilian celebration in your home add. In case you’re not an master with rangoli plans, you’ll be able too elect a straightforward flower rangoli in your lobby range. In spite of the fact that not an true kolam, they will coordinate the colour subject of the Pongal celebration and loan a happy vibe. Include pixie lights and bloom wreaths to fasten the see together and provide your visitors a fantastic welcome.

Brighten up your entryway with floral Pongal rangoli design for a colourful vibe

5. A Conventional Pongal Rangoli Plan For Your Balcony

The overhang is regularly the as it were open air space that most urban tenants are favored with. So it merits all your consideration. You must turn it into your comfortable niche where you’ll be able spend a few quality time along with your companions and family, particularly amid celebrations. So we came up with a interesting Pongal stylistic layout thought for your overhang. You’ll be able turn your overhang into an aesthetic heaven with a Warli portray on your highlight divider. It has the one of a kind quality of including an hearty vibe to your domestic while seamlessly mixing with cutting edge stylistic layout sensibilities. Put a seat with a few covered up capacity underneath and a wall-mounted rack to raise the usefulness of your urban comfort. And to total the see, go for a few conventional Pongal rangoli plans on the floor and enhance it with a light to implant a warm and comforting environment around your home.

Traditional pongal kolam for balcony with special rangoli for pongal with kites and floral hanging on the wall

6. A Pongal Kolam Rangoli Plan With A Conventional Touch

In the event that you’re too busy and searching for some easy Pongal rangoli plans for last-minute happy stylistic layout, we have the finest arrangement for you. Want a white rangoli sticker and put it before your pooja room. The see matches the first kolam plan to a awesome degree and will bring in a conventional vibe without much exertion. Enhance your pooja room with blossoms and oil lights for a alleviating Pongal vibe in your domestic. This moderate happy stylistic layout is awesome for working experts who are devoured by frenzied plans however need to include a merry touch to their domestic on this promising day.

Pongal rangoli designs with a white rangoli sticker

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