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93)4 Good Reasons to Use Melamine Laminate Sheets

Use of Melamine Laminate Sheets with Greenlam Laminates

Melamine boards are created by molding a mixture of melamine and formaldehyde under pressure into highly durable and versatile sheets. MFC laminates are dimensionally stable once molded and cannot be reshaped. They have a wide range of applications due to their high aesthetic appeal, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant properties, as well as affordable pricing. In this article, we will present four reasons why you should use melamine faced chipboard laminates in your home or office decor. Read on. Related: 4 Advantages of Using Melamine Laminate Sheets 1. Affordable MFC laminates are made from chipboard and melamine, which are both inexpensive materials. As a result, MFC laminates are an affordable option for surfacing applications.

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