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101)The Best Interior Design Blogs to Follow in 2023


The significance of one’s dwelling and the way it is inhabited has been of paramount concern for many individuals since the outbreak of the pandemic. We acquired a new abode in North Carolina during the previous Christmas season and, following a six-month rental period to the previous occupants, began a remodeling project around the holiday of Labor Day. We finally took up residence there just recently!

Although we collaborated with a design company based in LA to aid with the majority of the project, we will have to complete the finer details (such as styling and decor) gradually. However, this is as it should be. Your home should appear curated, not as if everything was purchased all at once, such as from a single designer’s collection (ahem, reminder to self, even though it is incredibly appealing).

There are countless resources available for design inspiration. While I do enjoy perusing home tours for ideas, my preferred blogs are those that provide practical advice and guidance, such as determining the appropriate rug size or selecting the right type of side table to complement your sofa. With that in mind, I have compiled a list of my favorite design blogs that meet these criteria. If there are any that you particularly enjoy that I have omitted, please let me know in the comments. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

A Roundup of My Favorite Interior Design Blogs

Photo by Sara Tramp
  1. Style by Emily Henderson: This blog is an excellent resource for learning the steps involved in various design tasks, such as measuring curtains, selecting a cost-effective sofa, and determining the appropriate rug size. I appreciate that Emily shares her design thought process and allows readers to follow along with her projects, divulging her top tips and tricks.
  1. Drew Scott of Lone Fox: It is worth mentioning that Drew is a client of mine at The Storied Group. He is an outstanding individual in the DIY home design arena, consistently delivering easy and budget-friendly “daily dose of DIY” projects. From comprehensive room renovations to straightforward decorating ideas, his content is certain to inspire and spark creativity.
Photo by Adrian Gaut

3. EyeSwoon:  It’s easy to dismiss Athena Calderone as excruciatingly perfect, but what I love about her blog is that while everything looks super high end, she has a generous mix of affordable decor. She sources a lot from stores like CB2, and bonus—her recipes are incredible too.

  1. Chris Loves Julia: This blog offers a practical and accessible approach to design, and is filled with fantastic DIY ideas. One of my favorite aspects of this blog is the wealth of resources they provide. Unlike some other designers who are hesitant to reveal their sources or “trade secrets,” Chris Loves Julia openly shares all of their information, much to the benefit of their readers.
10 Best Interior Design Blogs to Follow

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  1. Tao of Dana: Dana, who is a friend of mine, is a proficient in the practice of feng shui. While some may have misconceptions that it’s all mystical, she focuses on practical methods for enhancing your living space to promote creativity and manifesting your desired lifestyle. She emphasizes the use of color, plants, art, and guides her readers on how to declutter to create space for things that truly matter.
  1. Becki Owens: The images featured on her blog exude the epitome of my ideal home aesthetic. Becki’s blog is a treasure trove of shopping roundups and inspiration, featuring classic designs that are always on-trend.
  1. Sarah Sherman Samuel: Sarah is a designer based in LA, and her blog is filled with engaging renovation narratives. I appreciate that like other designers I already mentiend, she is also happy to share her sources and resources with her readers.
  1. Shea McGee: I am completely enamored with Shea’s unique aesthetic and it’s great that she has a full online store now. I frequently visit her blog to seek inspiration, and it’s almost a guarantee that I will find what I’m searching for.

PS. See my own home tour complete with before and after shots and all resources!

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