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Curious about what the difference is between contemporary and modern furniture? At first glance, they can seem very similar. However, throughout this blog, we outline some key differences, as well as some tips on how you can easily spot modern furniture when you’re out shopping.

Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary furniture focuses on what’s currently trending in the world of interior design. The contemporary design unites natural elements as well as popular styles. Light-colored or white large furniture pieces are a popular choice with contemporary design, and usually, a monochromatic palette is used for accent pieces.

Modern Furniture

Modern furniture is created with a mixture of both early and mid-20th-century styles. You can find both industrial chic and mid-century modern pieces when looking at modern interior designs. Modern furniture usually has a neutral color scheme, sleek lines, and natural elements in its design. Typically, most modern furniture is made out of plastic, glass, or metal.

The Differences Between the Styles

Both contemporary and modern styles are more minimalistic and focus on allowing for open spaces. Additionally, they both have a more neutral color palette and are usually constructed out of wood, metal, glass, and other natural materials.

However, there are some distinct differences that can help you differentiate between the styles. Modern furniture is linked to a certain time period, whereas contemporary furniture will constantly change as trends come and go.

Modern furniture also tend to be in warmer colors, whereas contemporary typically combines more striking colors to create a strong contrast among pieces. Contemporary-style furniture will feature curvier designs, rather than the sleek, sharp lines that modern design favors.

How to Style Modern Furniture

Styling modern furniture is easy once you know what you’re looking for—choosing furniture that has bold, curvy lines. One key to making a space look modern is to choose pieces that have plenty of storage to hide clutter. Additionally, looking for furniture that is part of a monochrome palette with little ornamentation is preferable as it provides an open-concept, unbroken look throughout the space.

Plain tones can accent your modern furniture and can be added in items such as throw rugs, bedding, or accent pieces. You want the focus to be placed on all aspects of the room, balancing the eye rather than having bold focal points throughout. This helps to create a calming and inviting space where individuals can relax and focus.

Start Styling Your Home with Modern Furniture

Make spaces look sleek and natural through the use of modern furniture. From monochromatic color palettes to creating openess and flow to your spaces, modern furniture can enhance a room and create a serene space for individuals.

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