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175)Design Ideas for Kids’ Bedrooms

A kids bedroom design offers a place to play, create, learn, and unwind. Thus, all a child looks for in his space is creativity and freedom. From a pleasing design concept to astute décor selections, soft furnishings & kid-friendly furniture, all these attributes encourage a child to have a healthy environment and a good night’s sleep. However, it can be challenging to strike the right balance between an atmosphere that stimulates a child’s development and one where they would not want to linger.

The KariGhars bring you a plethora of captivating design ideas with thriving interiors that capture the energy of kids, define their enigmatic personalities, and create a seamless transition from a vibrant nursery environment to a serene teen’s room.

1. Try A Murphy Bed For Kids

Get the Murphy bed for a kids bedroom design with smart furnishings that give them more space to expand their belongings. It would be wiser to adopt strategic toy storage solutions that make it easier for kids to clean up and keep their belongings organized after playtime than to overload them with several decor items in the abundant space.

2. Get Athletic

Sports-related themes are always in vogue. Why not get their favourite sport painted on the wall to show their enthusiasm for it? A great functional showpiece alternative that also fits the theme of the room is to hang tiny sporting equipment on the wall. Another idea for furnishings is to use fluidity and knock out the use of straight lines. A light outdoor feel can also be added to the otherwise indoor-themed kids bedroom design with a touch of landscape in between all the sportiness.

3. Light The Spark

Add a name board made of neon lights with a cute, humorous, or provocative slogan to the space. Not only is neon a trendy style this season, but its innovative placement is also gaining popularity. The illumination achieved using neon lighting can be finely complemented with joyful curtain patterns, pastel-colored storage, and a light-hued study desk. Why allow the design to stand out during the day when neon lights are ready to spark the night’s gloom?

4. Split The Space

Consider their passions and take them to the next level by incorporating these into the décor of their room instead of merely adding toys or conventional artworks. The feature wall can also be explored in divisions by doing something new in every part. The racetrack theme is furthered by a unique checkerboard wallpaper that looks like it was put together in a jigsaw. The room’s activities are visible through a small strip of reflective mirrors, echoing the decor. The room is ready to tie up in a driving attitude, with protruding cubes serving as storage blocks!

5. Dramatic Chandeliers

Bring the night sky into the kids bedroom design with a fairy-light woven chandelier that features sparkles around a golden loop with delicate leaf-like LEDs entwined around it. The subtlety of the illuminance can be maintained as a design language by synchronizing it with the ceiling and focused lights.

Hope these suggestions will guide you in creating the perfect vibe for your kids bedroom design—one that is both playful and exciting, as well as comfortable to sleep and relax.

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