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232)Modern 3D Jali Craftsmanship on the Balcony

One of the leading multifunctional, stylish and protection thoughts to create a screen between your private Pooja Ghar and the overhang is by introducing a cutting edge 3D jali craftsmanship that goes well with both the add and the rise. Covering MDF plans as a scenery, which makes a fine screening between your pooja room and overhang, may be a locate for sore eyes. This cutting edge 3D Jali craftsmanship between your two open spaces is perfect for cutting edge heights and insides plans. The MDF Jali plan for the mandir will include beauty and tastefulness to the contribute of your home.

modern 3d jali art on the balcony

Shree Yantra Jali

perfect way”>The most perfect way to implant conventional Indian insides fashion along with your present day aesthetics, which too by the way goes well with Pooja room Vastu is working with devout yantra plans over jalis. This compact MDF Jali plan for the mandir has Shree yantra Jali’s work as a focal art piece. This little pooja unit together with Shree yantra Jali’s plan has an MDF show unit. It moreover has spotlights to create it the perfect spot for dolls of divine beings and goddesses. The wooden surface gives a wonderful scenery for a surrounded monochrome picture of gods.

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