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4)The Kitchen Island vs. The Kitchen Table

The kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in your home, and it is also a place where people tend to gather. It makes sense to choose between a kitchen island and a kitchen table based on functionality and style.

Both options are welcome additions to the heart of the home.


A Kitchen Conundrum: Is it better to have a kitchen island or a dining table?

In our recent 2022 design trends, our In-House Designer & Product Development, JT Norman forecasted larger and double kitchen islands to create kitchens that serve multiple functions and needs – beyond cooking. These two trends go hand in hand because a well-designed kitchen island (or two, if you have the space) is part and parcel of a multifunctional kitchen. The island is not only a space for food preparation or appliance placement, but it also serves many more purposes. To help figure this out, we’ve asked the experts at Kitchen Magic to give you the most significant advantages of each. large-kitchen-island

The top benefits of adding an island to your kitchen design

Here are some of the many ways that islands can be transformed to meet their inhabitants’ immediate needs:

  • Teen hang-out
  • Practical homework station (cabinet for supplies, charging outlets)
  • Buffet station for entertaining and holiday gatherings
  • Craft, scrapping, and art space
  • Happy hour or game time cocktail station
  • Extra storage
  • Extra seating and guest overflow area
  • Can serve as a boundary between spaces in an open concept kitchen plan

For cooking, consider adding kitchen-boosting appliances such as a warmer drawer or an under-counter wine cooler. If your kitchen is large enough to accommodate a kitchen island, it may be the way to go for your upcoming kitchen remodel.

Don’t table the idea of a kitchen table


Kitchen tables have many uses. They provide homeowners with more flexibility than islands when it comes to floor space, design, and functionality. They also provide a comfortable and convenient place for casual dining—though most tables only require a 36-inch clearance, so they really can save room. Plus, the open space under kitchen tables can create the illusion of a larger floor plan in smaller kitchens.

If working with a larger room or an open concept kitchen, kitchen tables can be used to separate and better define your space. Clearly separating the food-preparation area from the dining area can even help reduce mealtime chaos for larger families. Plus, many tables come with extension leaves, so it’s quick and easy to accommodate any size gathering. When choosing a table, keep these factors in mind.

Why the idea of installing a central island may be a ‘fitting’ choice

Keep in mind that kitchen tables don’t offer extra storage space underneath. As a result, creating a small, custom kitchen island depends on both your kitchen layout and the size of your appliances. For instance, the recommended distance between your kitchen island and perimeter counters has changed over the years. At one time, it was thought that 36 inches was sufficient; however, our experts now advise at least 38 to 42 inches of space around your kitchen island to allow for easier access and increased size in appliances. If you’re looking for creative storage hacks and solutions, kitchen islands can add cabinets and drawers—even shelves to display cookbooks, collectibles, and other decor items.

Where Can I find dependable kitchen remodel contractors in Lehigh Valley, PA?

If you’re looking to enhance the look and functionality of your kitchen with innovative and high-quality features, we can help. At Kitchen Magic, we understand the importance of a dining area, so we guide our clients through remodeling projects step by step so they end up with the space of their dreams.

We’d love to hear about your plans for your kitchen, whether you need expert advice about the best cabinets for your home in Lehigh Valley or something else entirely. Thanks to years of experience behind our talented team and a focus on providing thorough planning, finest craftsmanship, and unique design, we’ll provide you with everything you need and more. Schedule a free in-home design consultation and quote today!

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