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6)Creating a Casual New England Style Kitchen, Wherever You Live

A rustic New England kitchen is a timeless and practical choice for any home. This style incorporates elements of Shaker, colonial, and farmhouse design and is often characterized by a neutral or nautical color palette. To add warmth and texture, earthy natural materials such as wood and stone may be included in the design. If you want to give your cooking space a classic and functional look, consider incorporating a rustic New England style in your kitchen remodel.

Feeling Traditional? How to design a New England-style kitchen

The essence of a rustic New England kitchen is a balance of comfort and function. Imagine a cozy space where you can cook up a large batch of shellfish or retreat with a warm cup of coffee during a storm. You can bring this timeless, seafaring style into your own home with the following expert kitchen design tips.

1 Keep kitchen cabinets simple

Function and practicality are a priority in a New England-style kitchen. So keep it simple, open and fresh, like the morning’s haul of lobsters at the dock. Indeed, less is more when out to achieve the no-frills New England style. These kitchens may include a colonial influence or rural, farmhouse-style, with an open floor plan. New England style can also be streamlined with contemporary influences. 

When adding an island or cabinetry to your kitchen, consider a furniture-like approach. Choose pieces that will add to the comfort and warmth of the space. Don’t forget to include plenty of cozy seating as well.

2 Embrace quality, function & practicality

A New England kitchen is the heart of the home and is characterized by quality craftsmanship, natural materials, and practicality. These kitchens often feature a functional island or two for food preparation, storage, cookware, and additional seating.

The influence of the first Plymouth Rock settlers can still be seen in modern New England kitchen design. The elegant shaker style, which originated in parts of New England and nearby upstate New York in the early 20th century, is also a popular choice for these kitchens.

3 Incorporate neutral seaside hues for a coastal feel, wherever you are

The New England style is rooted in natural colors inspired by the sea, sand, and sky. These colors were originally created from raw, natural pigments and are often seen in matte finishes in New England kitchen design.

When it comes to color, New England kitchen design often incorporates variations of white or subtle shades of blue, grey, and green inspired by the sea. Darker, classic accents can also be incorporated into the design, as well as earthy textures such as exposed stone, bricks, wood plank flooring, and rafters.

4 Pay attention to the right architectural details

Coastal New England kitchen design often incorporates architectural details such as large windows, raftered ceilings, tongue-and-groove paneling, and wide plank flooring (exposed or whitewashed). Other common elements include exposed brick or stone, wainscoting or beadboard, and beams or rafters (painted or exposed for added natural wood texture).

5 Don’t forget nautical elements

New England’s coastal style, which is also popular in New Jersey, is heavily influenced by the region’s fishing industry heritage. This nautical style is rugged and incorporates elements such as cargo-inspired lighting (such as lanterns), seafaring accents, driftwood, stone, and industrial metals. These elements are reminiscent of the craggy stone beaches, lighthouses, docks, and fishing ships that are characteristic of the region.

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