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9)Handy Tips for Long-Lasting Kitchen Cabinets

“Your remodeling team has completed the installation on schedule, and the results are stunning. Refacing your cabinets has proved to be a time-saving and cost-effective solution, and now you can see the beautiful transformation in person. However, to keep your cabinets looking like new, here are some tips on maintaining their showroom-worthy appearance.”

How do you maintain your kitchen cabinets


“To get the most value from your kitchen remodel, it is important to consider both product quality and longevity. By starting with proper care and maintenance from the moment your new kitchen cabinets are installed, you can more easily maintain their original beauty and preserve the value they add to your home. Regular maintenance of your cabinets will help to keep them looking their best and protect your investment.”

“Regular use of your kitchen can lead to a buildup of a dull, sticky film that can cause deterioration of your cabinetry, even if it is high-quality. The combination of food preparation, cooking, heat, and dust can have a chemical reaction that impacts the surfaces of your cabinets. To maintain the longevity of your refaced kitchen cabinets, the experts at Kitchen Magic have put together some basic care and maintenance tips.”

Laminate cabinet door care


“High-end laminate cabinet doors are a popular choice for their sleek and attractive appearance, as well as their low maintenance requirements. To keep them looking their best, it is recommended to dust them regularly, at least every two weeks. You can then use a soft, damp cloth sprayed with a laminate-approved cleaning agent to remove any dirt or grime. Alternatively, you can use a soft cloth dipped in a mixture of mild dish soap and water, followed by a damp cloth rinsed with plain water and then buffed dry with a soft, dry cloth. These simple steps will help to maintain the beauty of your laminate cabinets with minimal effort.”

Effective tips for cabinet doors of all types

“By taking good care of your refaced laminate or wood cabinets, you can help to extend their lifespan. To protect them from damage, it is important to avoid exposing them to extreme heat, excess water, and cooking smoke. These elements can discolor or even damage the refaced and natural surfaces of your cabinets.”

  • Although durable, laminate cabinet doors can be damaged by harsh or incorrect usage. Avoid scratches, cracks, and indents with cabinet-friendly only practices. Avoid kicking, slamming or leaning on or against cabinet doors.
  • Be sure to use a hood fan every time you use your stove for cooking. A powerful fan is the best way to pull out any smoke, gasses, cooking substances and excess heat that may be released into the air.   
  • Never use an abrasive cleaning pad or any sharp objects, as doing so can cause scratches or deep nicks. 
  • Never use harsh chemicals, such as acetone, ammonia, bleach, abrasive powder, or gel cleaners. 
  • Additionally, if you use candles for entertaining or during a power outage, be sure to keep any lit candles away from your cabinetry. 

Generally, bi-monthly care with the correct products is the best insurance to preserve and maintain your new cabinetry for years to come. 

Where can I book dependable experts in kitchen cabinet remodel in Milford & the area?

“If you want to update your kitchen cabinets without replacing them, Kitchen Magic can help. We have a team of skilled and knowledgeable kitchen designers who can assist you, no matter where you are located in the Milford, CT area. Whether you are near Jonathan Law High School or elsewhere in the region, we can provide you with the support and guidance you need to refresh your cabinets.”

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